Eugene Teo is a director of security at a US-based cloud technology company. His team focuses on SOC/IR and security data science. He has a keen interest in applying machine learning techniques to solve computer security problems.

Lukas Rist is a contributing member of the Honeynet Project since 2009, two year member of the board of directors, volunteers as its Chief Research Officer these days. Most of his engagement is focused on working with students, providing project management and incubating ideas. He always had a strong interest in honeypot development, which started in the field of web applications, shifted then into industrial security (Conpot) and focuses currently on generic honeypots (Glutton) and detection technologies (go-dpi) and some reborn love for web apps (Snare).

He worked in the security industry on the detection of malicious samples by sandboxing their execution and classification of their behavior, and ventured recently into the startup world, saving lives by making sure those (mathematical) tensors keep flowing.

Sebastien Tricaud is a software developer and long time hacker, works for Splunk as Product Solutions Architect. Former CTO of the Honeynet Project and current member of the Board of Directors. Worked on numerous software mostly open-source: Linux PAM, Prelude SIEM, etc. Lectured at Usenix, CanSecWest, FIRST, and other Honeynet Workshops. Happy to share a beer to anyone that has read this so far!