Training Abstracts

Introduction to Machine Learning for Cybersecurity.
Led by Eugene Teo
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Advanced Protocol Implementation for Glutton.
Led by Lukas Rist
In this class you will learn how to use the low interaction, server side honeypot Glutton and how to extend its capabilities. Basic Go programming and advanced Linux knowledge is expected if you want to participate in the practical sessions.
Reverse engineering of malicious JavaScript.
Led by Marcin Szymankiewicz
In this workshop attendees learn the tools and techniques used to analyze and reverse malicious JavaScript redirection code used by many exploit kits including Angler, Fiesta or Nuclear. In the workshop attendees analyze real examples of obfuscated JavaScript in tools like JSBeautifier, JSDetox or JSUNPACK to understand the code flow, conditional criteria for successful exploitation attempt and to get the final infection URL(s).
Faup, processing URLs at scale to find threats.
Led by Sebastien Tricaud
Faup ( is an opensource project allowing to process URLs faster than regex and has several features beyond simple URL parsing: lua modules, snapshots etc. Whenever one is facing URLs the task sounds easy but in practice people get lost in regexes etc. Not only it looses reliability but also speed.
Faup can emulate different browsers behavior to detect bypasses.